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Sunday, November 8, 2015
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

7:30 am – 9:30 am

Continental Breakfast

8:00 am – 9:15 am

Career Sessions (9–14)

  1. Transitioning from Associate to Full Professor
    Moderators: Henry Bial (University of Kansas) and Lisa Merrill (Hofstra University)

    This session focuses on the expectations for faculty following tenure. Panelists will offer advice on developing a research dossier and institutional and professional profile in preparation for promotion to full professor.

  2. Recruiting Diverse Graduate Students
    Moderators: Esther Kim Lee (University of Maryland) and Debra Castillo (Cornell University)

    This session discusses strategies for diversifying graduate programs in theatre studies. Panelists will discuss how to identify promising graduate students from diverse or minority groups, interested in theatre and performance studies.

  3. Surviving the Dissertation
    Moderators: Christine Mok (University of Cincinnati), Jimmy Noriega (College of Wooster), and Brian Herrera (Princeton University)

    This roundtable focuses on strategies for successful completion of your dissertation while maintaining your sanity. Panelists will discuss their varied experiences in writing the dissertation and provide strategies for creating your own writing process, making the most of your time, and juggling life and the dissertation.

  4. Getting an Interview: CVs, Letters, and Networking
    Moderators: Noe Montez (Tufts University), Kirsten Pullen (Texas A&M University), Sara Freeman (University of Puget Sound), and Patrick McKelvey (Brown University)

    This session focuses on how to create a strong professional profile in print and in person. Topics include effective CVs, cover letters, and networking.

  5. Best Practices at Small Liberal Arts Colleges
    Moderators: Kate Bredeson (Reed College), Todd Coulter (Colby College), and Catherine Ming T'ien Duffly (Reed College)

    This session invites fellow SLAC faculty, often isolated in their departments, schools, and / or regions, to convene for a discussion of best practices in these areas in order to network and bring back ideas to small departments and schools.

  6. Writing Effective Grants
    Moderators: Soyica Colbert (Georgetown University) and Ana Elena Puga (Ohio State University)

    This session offers tips and resources for writing effective grants to support research.

8:00 am – 11:00 am

Registration Desk Open

8:00 am – 11:00 am

Working Sessions 4 (19-24)

  1. Theatrical Labor and the (Perilous) Politics of Work in Academia
    Covenors: Chase Bringardner (Auburn University), Christin Essin (Vanderbilt University), Sam O'Connell (Worcester State University), and Ann Folino White (Michigan State University)

    Rachel Anderson-Rabern (Franklin and Marshall College)
    "The Perils of Play"

    David Bisaha (Binghamton University)
    "Labor Pedagogies Prepare Students to Act Collectively"

    Chase Bringardner (Auburn University)
    "Rehearsing Revolution or Exploiting Experience: The Politics of Student Labor in the Rehearsal Space"

    Jonathan Chambers (Bowling Green State University)
    "Slow Down: Acceleration and the Academic Theatre Production Model"

    Zachary Dorsey (James Madison University)
    "Just in Time / Justice in Time: What Are We Teaching Students about Time and Labor?"

    Jane Duncan (Nova Southeastern University)
    "A Case Study in the Higher Ed Paradox of Contingent Faculty"

    Christin Essin (Vanderbilt University)
    "Student Training, Production Labor, and Hours Spent in the Dark"

    Barrie Gelles (CUNY, The Graduate Center)
    "Degrees of Labor: The Double Life of Theatre Graduate Students as Students and Teachers (and Artists?)"

    Oona Hatton (San Jose State University)
    "Making Something from / for Nothing: Performance Conditions and Student Learning"

    Megan Sanborn Jones (Brigham Young University)
    "A Union of Faith: The Complicated Labor of Teaching at Religious Institutions"

    Elyssa Livergant (University of Bedfordshire)
    "Learning to Work: Precarity, Labour, and the Workshop"

    Sam O'Connell (Worcester State University)
    "Contract Hours: Redefining Labor Practices for Theatre Faculty"

    Susanne Shawyer (Elon University)
    "What We Can Learn from Theatrical Labor, Communal Labor, and Progressive Education at Black Mountain College"

    Shauna Vey (CUNY, New York City College of Technology)
    "Where Liberal Arts Come Second: An Argument for Including Faculty-Directed Student Shows within the Curriculum at Colleges of Technology OR The Hobby-ization of Professional Practice"

    Ann Folino White (Michigan State University)
    "Laboring in the Classroom and Rehearsal: Teaching and Learning about Theatrical Work"

    Peter Zazzali (University of Kansas)
    "Earning Promotion: The Material Realities Facing Pre-Tenured Theatre Faculty"

  2. Ecology and / of / in Performance
    Covenors: Karen O'Brien (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and Lisa Woynarski (Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, University of London)

    Rosemary Candelario (Texas Woman's University)
    "EcoButoh: Methods for Dancing Ecology"

    Marnie J. Glazier (Hartnell College)
    "Heather Woodbury: Urgency and the High Wire in the Age of the Anthropocene"

    Sozita Goudouna (Performa New York)
    "Eco-Specificity: Performing the Heterogeneous Centre of the Ecological Imperative"

    Susan Haedicke (University of Warwick)
    "Eco-creativity and Walking the Land: The PerFarmance Project and Earthrise Repair Shop's Meadow Meanders"

    Elizabeth Ivkovich (University of Utah)
    "Roktim: Nature Incarnadine; Creating Environmental Justice Biomythography with Yorchha"

    Ioana Jucan (Brown University)
    "(Re)Action in the Anthropocene: With Concern to Plastic"

    Mimi Kammer (Simpson College)
    "Cultural and Eco-Tourism in the Riviera Maya"

    Denise Kenney (University of British Columbia, Okanagan)
    "Content / Context"

    Duri Long (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
    "Convergence of Ecology and Performance in Druid Theatre's DruidShakespeare"

    Diana Looser (Stanford University)
    "Making Waves on the International Stage: Moana – The Rising of the Sea and Climate-Change Activism from Oceania"

    Bruce McConachie (University of Pittsburgh)
    "Eco-materiality and Biocultural Ethics"

    Malin Palani (Independent Scholar)
    "Dancing with Fukushima: Encountering an Injured Landscape and the Practice of Performance"

    Bronwyn Preece (University of Hudderfield)
    "In situ (body as site): Improvising Ecological Disability"

    Alyssa Schmidt (The Boston Conservatory)
    "Scientific Methodology and Ecodramaturgy: A Call to Inquiry"

    Angenette Spalink (Independent Scholar)
    "Taphonomic Historiography: Excavating and Exhuming the Past in Suzan-Lori Parks's The America Play"

    Sarah Standing (CUNY, New York City College of Technology)
    " as Eco-Activist Theatre and Performance"

    Jonah Winn-Lenetsky (Northern New Mexico College)
    "Chlorophyllogica: Performing a New Taxonomy of Plants"

    Lisa Woynarski (Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, University of London)
    "Performing Urban Ecology"

  3. Sustainable Tools for Precarious Subjects: Performance Actions and Human Rights
    Covenors: Natalie Alvarez (Brock University) and Keren Zaiontz (Queen's University)

    Samer Al-Saber (Florida State University)
    "Beyond States and Passport Privileges: Interconnected Performances of Activism in Palestine"

    T.L. Cowan (New School) 
    "Mass Cabaret Online and in the Streets: Translocal Activist Performance"

    Leah Decter (Queen's University)
    "Dispersed Sustainabilities: Considering the Legacies of Encounter"

    Peter Dickinson (Simon Fraser University)
    "Curating the Revolution: Rabih Mroué and the Activist Pixel"

    Serap Erincin (Pennsylvania State University)
    "Performing Transnational Human Rights in Turkey: Minorities, Biopolitics, and Politics of Mourning"

    Miriam Felton-Dansky (Bard College)
    "The Right to Go Dark: Chris Kondek's Anonymous P"

    Catherine Graham (McMaster University)
    "Traces of Frames and Signals to Allies We Do Not Yet Know"

    Kimberley Jannarone (University of California, Santa Cruz)
    "Oyoun Theater and the Gaza Monologues Project"

    Debra Levine (New York University, Abu Dhabi)
    "Falling through the Roof / Dropping Like Beyoncé"

    Duygu Erdogan Monson (University of Washington)
    "Using Performance as a Tool of Resistance: Artist-Activists in Gezi Park Confronting Authoritarianism and the Islamist Leanings in Turkish Government"

    Christian Nagler (University of California, Berkeley)
    "Debt Forgiveness, the Promise, and the Performativity of Financial Contracts: Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee"

    Julie Salverson (Queen's University)
    "Half-Lives, Invisible Activisms"

    Alexis M. Skinner (Louisiana State University)

    J.B. Spiegel (Concordia University)
    "What Became of the Wolves (or Pandas, Mice, and Wolves, oh my!)?: Creative Activism and the Persistence of Anti-Austerity Mobilization, Still 'in the Red' in Quebec"

    Lily Wei (Independent Artist)
    "The City as Battleground: The Multi-Faceted Performances of Mobilized Citizens in Neoliberal Taipei"

  4. The Shakespearean Performance Research Group
    Covenors: Catherine Burriss (California State University, Channel Islands), Franklin J. Hildy (University of Maryland, College Park), Robert Ormsby (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Don Weingust (Center for Shakespeare Studies, Southern Utah University / Utah Shakespeare Festival), and W. B. Worthen (Barnard College, Columbia University)

    Valerie Clayman Pye (Manhattanville College)
    "Staking a Claim and Claiming the Stakes: 'Original Practices' and the Cultivation of Brand Identity"

    Kurt Daw (San Francisco State University)
    "Editing and Performance: Capell's 1768 Edition of Shakespeare"

    Jennifer Forsyth (Kutztown University)
    "A Pair of Reechy Kisses? Recovering Early Modern Staged Kisses in Hamlet"

    Ben Gunter (Florida State University)
    "Dramatizing the Debate about Cardenio: Performing Shakespeare Head-to-Head with Cervantes in 2016"

    Musa Gurnis (Washington University in St. Louis)
    "Lolita Chakrabarti's Red Velvet"

    Daniel Keegan (University of Wyoming)
    "Shakespeare, Performance, Paolo Virno"

    Erika Lin (George Mason University)
    "Sensing the Stakes of Shakespearean Space"

    Ian Maclennan (Thornloe University at Laurentian)
    "'Original Practices': original? practices? really?"

    Cary Mazer (University of Pennsylvania)
    "Self Evidence: Performance as Research"

    Josy Miller (University of California, Davis)
    "The Shakespeare Slot: Practice as Research and the University Production Season"

    Dave Peterson (Independent Scholar)
    "Bill Irwin and the Stakes of Working on Shakespeare"

    Richard Schoch (Queen's University Belfast)
    "'I found not, but created first the stage': Shakespeare as the Year One of Theatre History"

    Robert Shaughnessy and Nicola Shaughnessy (University of Kent)
    "Kelly Hunter's Work with Shakespeare and Autistic Young Persons"

    Donovan Sherman (Seton Hall University)
    "Timely Knowing: The Intimate Conspiracies of Cymbeline"

    Fran Teague (University of Georgia)
    "Shakespeare, Baubles, and Delight"

    Lyn Tribble (University of Otego, New Zealand)
    "Kinesic Intelligence on Reconstructed Shakespearean Stages"

    W. B. Worthen (Barnard College, Columbia University)
    "Shakespearean Technicities"

  5. Theatre, Politics, Public Spheres
    Covenors: Martin Harries (University of California, Irvine) and Nicholas Ridout (Queen Mary, University of London)

    Minou Arjomand (Boston University)
    "Aesthetic Judgment and the Public Sphere"

    Clare Croft (University of Michigan)
    "'C'mon Jill. Be a Lady' (or What does postmodern dance have to do with Lesbian Feminist Counterpublics?)"

    Tracy C. Davis (Northwestern University)
    "The 'Weak Publics' of Liberal Subjectivity"

    Shonni Enelow (Fordham University)
    "Sweat in Public: Secretion and Politics in Williams and Fassbinder"

    Bertie Ferdman (CUNY, Borough of Manhattan Community College)
    "Staging El Chaco: Artistic Intervention and the Public Sphere"

    Lindsay Goss (New York University, Abu Dhabi)
    "No Show: Iran's Shiraz Festival of the Arts and the Politics of the Cultural Boycott"

    Misha Hadar (University of Minnesota)
    "Avenir! Avenir!: Making Political Space"

    Amy Holzapfel (Williams College)
    "Chorus as Commons: The Theatricalist Public Sphere of Volker Losch's Die Weber and Sarah Benson's Ajax"

    Julia Jarcho (New York University)
    "Gatz and the Private Public"

    Bryce Lease (Royal Holloway, University of London)
    "After '89: Political Theatre and Counterpublics in Poland"

    Eleanor Massie (Queen Mary, University of London)
    "Am-dram and Admin: Rehearsing the Public Sphere at the A.D.C."

    Rebecca Schneider (Brown University)
    "Hands Up"

    Gwyneth Shanks (University of California, Los Angeles)
    "The Photographic Sphere: Spray Paint LACMA and Sighting an LA Public"

    Kim Solga (Western University)
    "Big Society, Big World: The Young Vic Theatre + Realism Under Neoliberalism"

  6. Traumatic Structures Working Group: Cultural Trauma—High Stakes Performance and Research
    Covenors: Mary Karen Dahl (Florida State University) and Deborah Kochman (Florida State University)

    Roger Bechtel (Carleton College)
    "Signs and Symptoms II: Cultural Trauma and Individual Bodies in Performance"

    Jeanmarie Higgins (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
    "Transgenerational Traumatic Narrative in Diana Szeinblum's Alaska"

    Deborah Kochman (Florida State University)
    "Staring Down Age: Examining Trauma and Aging in 21st-Century U.S. Theatre"

    Jules Odendahl-James (Duke University)
    "Directed Address: Social Death and Communal Witness in Sexual Assault Personal Narrative Performance"

    Lisa Quoresimo (University of California, Davis)
    "Charlotte Clarke, a Shilling, and a Shoulder of Mutton: The Risk of Performing Trauma"

    Rebecca Rovit (University of Kansas)
    "Magna Carta 2015: Sites of Cultural Remembrance and Trauma"

    David Z. Saltz (University of Georgia)
    "Staging the Holocaust in the 21st Century"

    Aaron C. Thomas (University of Central Florida)
    "Tell Nobody: Pulp Fiction and the Shame-Humiliation Response"

    Victoria Thoms (University of Wolverhampton) 
    "Nation and Gender in Akram Kahn's First World War Commemoration Dust: Considering Trauma as a Paradigm for Mobilizing Political Action"

    Hans Vermy (Independent Scholar)
    "Stages of Horror"

    Andrew Wilford (University of Chichester) 
    "Celebrity Tourorists & the 'Terrible' Spectacle of Re-territorializing Trauma in Chechnya’s Post-Urbacide City (Or, No! You Are Never Going to Survive Unless You Get More than a Little Crazy)"

11:00 am

Conference Ends

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