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2014 Career Sessions
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2014 ASTR/TLA Annual Conference
"What Performs?"
November 20–23, 2014 | Baltimore, MD

Career Sessions (1–8)

Friday, November 21 | 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm

1. Work-Life Balance in Academia
Convener: Debra Caplan (Baruch College)

This session considers a range of perspectives on achieving work-life balance in academia. Topics include parenting, dual academic careers, caring for other types of dependents, and additional obligations and challenges.

2. Readers' Reports on Book MSS: Writing and Utilizing Advice
Convener: Tracy Davis (Northwestern University)

This session focuses on criteria for writing effective reader’s reports and the multiple uses to which reports are put by commissioning editors, press boards, series editors, and new and established scholars. 

3. Reflections from a Virtual Book Club on "Postacademic" Career Paths
Conveners: Allan Davis (University of Maryland) and Rita Kompelmakher (University of Minnesota)

The culmination of the GSC’s virtual book club on So What are You Going to Do with That?, this session offers resources for faculty mentors and graduate students to navigate the changing job market.

4. Preparing an Article for Publication
Convener: Scott Magelssen (University of Washington, past editor of Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism)

In this session, editors from leading theatre and performance studies journals address multiple aspects of writing a quality article from submission to revision to publication.

5. Best Practices at Small Liberal Arts Colleges
Conveners: Kate Bredeson (Reed College) and Todd Coulter (Colby College)

This session offers best practices for managing work load, tenure, and the theory/practice divide, which are often the biggest opportunities and stressors for faculty at small liberal arts colleges.

6. Dos and Don’ts Before Tenure
Conveners: Andrew Sofer (Boston College) and Wendy Arons (Carnegie Mellon University)

This session gives practical, candid advice about maximizing tenurability and minimizing professional missteps. Topics include balancing research, teaching, and service; managing relationships with senior colleagues; seeking out opportunities; and tasks and habits to avoid.

7. Teaching Theatre Studies Today
Convener: Lofty Durham (Western Michigan University)

This session considers teaching challenges at a mix of public and private institutions. Panelists will discuss solutions for online/hybrid teaching, large survey courses vs. smaller history seminars, and teaching diverse populations.

8. Surviving and Thriving During the Dissertation
Convener: Lezlie Cross (University of Nevada at Las Vegas)

This roundtable addresses the diversity of dissertation experiences, creating your own writing process, making the most of your time, and juggling life and the dissertation.

Career Sessions (9–15)

Sunday, November 23 | 9:00 am – 10:45 am

9. Writing Effective Book Proposals
Convener: Janelle Reinelt (Co-editor of Studies in International Performance for Palgrave Macmillan, University of Warwick)

In this session, a panel of commissioning editors and series editors discuss what they look for in a proposal, the dos and don'ts of proposal writing, and publishers’ perspectives on new projects.

10. Effective Interviewing Strategies
Convener: Kirsten Pullen (Texas A&M University)

This session consists of a mock interview for a faculty position, a postmortem of the interview from the interviewers’ and the interviewee’s perspectives, and a discussion of how to prepare for different interviews.

11. Alt-Ac Career Paths In, Around, and Out of Academia
Convener: Ariel Nereson (Interdisciplinary Arts Coordinator, Vassar College)

This session addresses careers off of the tenure track that utilize PhD training, where to find job postings, how to market the PhD for a variety of positions, and the application and interview process.

12. Avoiding the ABD Cliff
Convener: Keith Byron Kirk (University of Houston)

This session offers strategies for dissertation completion in instances when an ABD candidate must craft, compose, and defend a dissertation while taking on a first-time teaching position, becoming a parent, or assuming other time- and energy-intensive tasks.

13. Postdocs: Should You or Shouldn’t You
Conveners: Jesse Njus (New York University) and Gibson Cima (Tufts University)

This session addresses the variety of postdoc options that exist, as well as how to apply, the reasons to do so, and how to get the most out of a postdoc experience.

14. First Year as a Faculty Member
Convener: Lisa Jackson-Schebetta (University of Pittsburgh)

This session focuses on the experience of the first year as a faculty member. Topics include what to expect, the unexpected, and managing expectations; navigating institutional and departmental cultures; tips and advice.

15. Meet the Editors of Theatre Survey
Conveners: Esther Lee Kim (Editor, University of Maryland) and Harvey Young (Associate Editor, Northwestern University)

In this session, the editors of Theatre Survey offer information on the process of publishing in the journal including how articles and book reviews are evaluated and selected.

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