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Minutes: Conference Assistance Committee Meeting
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4/8/2014 at 8:58:18 PM GMT
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Minutes: Conference Assistance Committee Meeting

Conference Assistance Committee Meeting: Areum Jeong, Ira Murfin

8 April 2014 1:00 PM (PST)

To include in the Conference Navigation/Need to know blog:

- How to get the most out of working sessions: Guest post by a junior scholar who has participated multiple times and (co)organized working group sessions.

- How to get the most out of the mentor/mentee programs: Contact the Peer Mentorship Committee and request guest post by Shamell and/or Christiana -- contact Danielle for their emails

- How to get the most out of meetings with publishers: Guest post by an editor of a university press on how to turn the dissertation into a book -- contact UC Press

- Resources for international students: list of funding resources that international students are eligible to apply for -- contact Kellen

- Bulletin board on the ASTR GSC webpage OR separate Google group for graduate student needs, such as shared rides from the airport, etc. -- contact Danielle

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