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Minutes: GSC Committee Meeting 12/17/2013
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1/6/2014 at 7:25:48 PM GMT
Minutes: GSC Committee Meeting 12/17/2013
Meeting Agenda
December 17, 2013
5:00 PM CST

I. Call to order

II. Roll Call

    1. Here: Areum, Ira, Danielle, Shamell, Amanda
    2. Absent: Christiana

III. Open Issues

A. Clarification of Committee Chair Responsibilities

    1. Areum/Ira – Kellen is going to send info; need contacts from Kellen
    2. Shamell – needs to get in contact with previous comm. Chairs
    3. 2 chairs per committee (sans web) so that there are more hands to help!
    4. Delegation/team effort – important!
    5. Ambassador program shifted to peer mentorship – grads helping grads

B. GSC Handbook Edits

      1. Edits go to Marla

C. ASTR 2013 Recap

      1. What worked? What didn’t work in terms of graduate student interests?
      2. Ira asked about usefulness of nightlife/performance section (conf. asst. comm.)
        1. Maybe narrow it to walking distance
        2. Maybe it depends on the city – what we need varies with the city
        3. Some people definitely use it
      3. Shamell asked about what did NOT work last year
        1. PM Comm: lack of communication, the sad table, there was also supposed to be a table at the opening reception, visibility of the GSC in ASTR (why are graduate students separate from the whole?)
      4. Shamell asked about mentorship with scholars
        1. Some grads had to "share” scholars
        2. Michelle wants to find out if there is a more strategic way to put mentors with mentees
        3. Shamell liked that she had a grad (who was farther in the program) and a scholar mentor that she was paired with.
          1. Maybe invite those who are in dissertation-land to mentorship pairings – wide range of experiences
      5. Michelle wants/ needs an open communication between her and the chairs (and/or her and Kellen)
      6. Keep Michelle and Kellen in the LOOP!!
      7. Feedback on Web
        1. Miss communication of emails, therefore resources were not as visible
        2. Professionalization posting
          1. ASTR is rigorous, professional attire is the situation whether we admit that or not
          2. Check blogs before we post them

IV. New Business

. Committee Action Plan

      1. New Initiatives
        1. On your own, come up with some ideas! Include ideas from Dallas meeting.
        2. Make meeting minutes open and available (committee meeting minutes)
      2. Recruitment
      3. EC Follow-up Contact
        1. We will chat more via email or later group chats!

V. Remarks

VI. Adjournment 6:00pm (CST)

Here is a list of duties and responsibilities for committee members as listed by committee. Feel free to use this, delete, or add-to. I’m hoping this will help you recruit members of your committees. We will talk about this more next week, but consider using social media and our strong web presences to recruit grads.

Conference Assistance Committee:
Co-Chairs: Areum Jeong and Ira Murfin
The responsibilities for a position on this committee includes:

· Assist with compiling and preparing the annual conference resource packet for ASTR 2014;

· Assist with any other graduate student conference needs;

Peer Mentorship Committee
Co-Chairs: Shamell Bell and Christiana Molldrem Harkulich
The responsibilities for a position on this committee includes:

· Assistance in recruiting volunteers for the ASTR mentor/mentee program. You will work with the co-chairs to recruit and select junior and senior scholars to mentor graduate students for ASTR 2014 in Baltimore. The committee will then assign mentor/mentees as per the discretion of the co-chairs;

· Work on developing conference events that encourage mentorship for Graduate Student Networking;

· Assist the VP, Representative to the Annual Conference Committee (Kellen Hoxworth) to implement and support GSC conference related projects;

Web Resources Committee:
Chair: Danielle Rosvally
The responsibilities for a position on this committee includes:

· Assist with editing and preparing graduate student resource information and committee resources to be posting on the ASTR website and across social media;

· Help manage the graduate student resource page on the ASTR website;

· Help manage various website pages for updated information and screen for appropriate content.

Danielle Rosvally
Tufts University
Chair, GSC Web Committee

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