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Minutes: GSC Meeting Dallas 11/9/2013
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1/6/2014 at 4:41:46 PM GMT
Minutes: GSC Meeting Dallas 11/9/2013

GSC Meeting ASTR Nov. 9, 2013 @ 9:00pm
Dallas, TX

- Kellyn’s introduction and welcome

- 31 (plus past and incoming EC)

- Michelle’s welcome

- Outgoing EC

o Kellyn

o Eero

o Allan

o Michelle

o Michael

- New EC

o Michelle

o Allan

o Kellen

o Amanda

o Sara

- Former Committee members

- Heather Nathans

o Increase of Grad students at ASTR

o Grow next set of leaders

o "Charting the course” (strategic planning)

- Highlights from 2012-2013

o Increase of graduate student presence (180 members)

o Social media (FB, Twitter)

o Increased fellowship (more $$!) –

§ $1800

· (20 fellows)

§ Decrease in desk hours

o Mentor matching

§ Match scholars with mentees based on research interests

o 1st ever career session!!

§ "best practices”

§ booklet, manifesto

- Conference Committee (Eero)


- Web Committee

o ASTR Website – awesomely updated!

o Twitter Feed

- Fundraising Committee

o Increase in operating budget for ASTR

o Potential budget for GSC!!

- Conference Assistant

- Peer Mentoring

- Michelle’s plans

o Budget

o How to move our scholarship forward? Further represented in the organization?

Feedback – what do YOU want to see at ASTR?

- Support for adjuncts, TAs, and "soon out” PhD – need for a conversation

- Career sessions for MA, MFA, etc.

o "Is the PhD right for me?”

- Conversations about international students

o Issues with material, financial concerns, etc.

- Faculty making themselves available for specific criticisms for job applications

- GSC meeting earlier in the conference Wednesday/Thursday

- Sliding scale of registration fee/membership fee

o Off campus housing for conferences (conference assistance packet)

o Frustrations with DALLAS

Danielle Rosvally
Tufts University
Chair, GSC Web Committee

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