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Committees & Appointments
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ASTR relies upon the participation of its members in many committees that help to sustain the organization and award the prizes that support our members’ research efforts and scholarly accomplishments.

The Standing, Regular and Ad Hoc Committees are created by the Officers and Executive Committee to carry out the work of ASTR. The President appoints members to these committees as well as to the other posts listed further below, which include delegates, editors and liaisons. All terms begin and end at the business meeting in November of the designated year, unless otherwise noted.

Standing Committees

Nominating Committee

Valerie Joyce, (Chair, June 2015-June 2017)
Jonathan Chambers
Shannon Walsh
Jennifer Goodlander
Monica Ndounou
[terms for this committee begin and end in June]

Committee on Conferences

Jill Stevenson (Chair)
Jennifer Parker-Starbuck
Josh Abrams
Joshua Takano Chambers-Letson (EC representative, 2014-2016)
Beth Osborne (At-large representative, 2015-2016)
Lisa Jackson-Schembetta (2016)
New EC representatives TBA.

Awards Committees

Barnard Hewitt Award

Patrick Anderson (Chair, 2018)
Shannon Steen (2017)
Bill Condee (2017)
Valleri Robinson (UI Representative)

Helen Krich Chinoy Dissertation Research Fellowships

Elizabeth Son (chair 2015-16)
Faedra Carpenter (2017)

Distinguished Scholar Award

Jill Dolan (2013-2016)
David Savran (2017)
Gay Gibson Cima (2018)
Daphne Lei (ex officio)

Errol Hill Award

Patricia Herrera (Chair, 2016)
Ramon Rivera-Servera (2017)
Douglas Jones (2018)

Oscar G. Brockett Essay Award

Rhona Justice Malloy (Chair, 2017)
Anne Fletcher (2017)
James Harding (2018)

Gerald Kahan Scholar's Prize

Diana Looser (Chair, 2016)
Michael Chemers (2016)
Jocelyn L. Buckner (2017)

Cambridge University Press Prize

Dasia Posner (Chair, 2016)
Naomi Bragin (2017)
Nicholas Ridout (2018)

Research Fellowship, Targeted Research Areas Grant, and Brooks McNamara Subvention

Jen-Scott Mobley (Chair, 2016)
Leigh Woods (2017)

David Keller and Thomas Marshall Travel Grants

Megan Lewis (Chair, 2016)
Jane Duncan (2017)

Sally Banes and Selma Jean Cohen

Lezlie Cross (Chair, 2016)
Katherine Mezur (2018)
Susan Tenneriello (2018)

ASTR Collaborative Research Grants

Kate Bredeson (Chair, 2016)
Karen Jean Martinson (2017)
Stefka Mihaylova (2018)

Grants for Researchers with Heavy Teaching Loads

Lisa Jackson-Schebetta (Chair, 2016)
Virginia Anderson (2017)

Other Regular Committees

Finance Committee

Cindy Brizzell-Bates (Chair)
Emily Colburn-Roxworthy
Amy Cook
Heidi Nees

Publications Committee

Catherine Cole (Chair)
Penny Farfan
Leo Cabranes-Grant
Esther Kim Lee

Fundraising Committee


New Paradigms in Graduate Education


ATAP (American Theatre Archive Project)

Charlotte Canning (2014-2016)
Christa Williford (2014-2016)
Adam Versenyi (2014-2016, EC representative)

Ad Hoc Committees

2016 Conference Program Committee

Jennifer Parker-Starbuck
Josh Abrams
Stephanie Vella (Graduate Student Caucus Rep)

Individual Appointments

Administrator: Eric Ewald, CAE, Ewald Consulting
Archivist and Historian: Heather Nathans
Career Sessions Coordinators: Stefka Mihaylova, Ann Folino White
Director of Awards and Fellowships: Iris Smith Fischer (2011-14)
Theatre Survey: Harvey Young (editor), Nicholas Ridout (Associate Editor)
Communication Specialist: Emily Fairall
American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Delegate: Daphne Lei
National Humanities Alliance Delegate: Jill Stevenson
ATHE Liaison: Patricia Ybarra
IFTR Liaison: Jean Graham-Jones
TLA's Liaison to ASTR: Angela Weaver
Performance Studies International (PSi) Liaison: Sarah Bay-Cheng
American Alliance for Theatre Education (AATE) and International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network (ITYARN) Liaison: Manon van de Water
Consortium of Doctoral Programs
Society for Dance History Scholars (SDHS) Liaison

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