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ASTR Initiatives
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ASTR is dedicated to the various initiatives that the American Society for Theatre Research undertakes. Ongoing initiatives include a focus on understanding the new landscape of graduate education and the American Theatre Archive Project.

ASTR’s José Esteban Muñoz Targeted Research Working Sessions

The late performance theorist José Esteban Muñoz once described the limits experienced by minoritarian knowledge producers (including, especially, scholars of color) in the academy thus: Within majoritarian institutions the production of minoritarian knowledge is a project set up to fail. Mechanisms ensure that the production of such knowledge ‘misfires’ as it is misheard, misunderstood, and devalued.... The need to produce minoritarian knowledge is a mode of utopian performativity, a certain striving that is both an ideality and a necessity. Recognizing this dynamic and this imperative, the Executive Committee of ASTR has established a competitive, funded, three-year working session in order to support, promote, and feature the production of research by and about people of color at ASTR.

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New Paradigms Committee

Created in fall 2010, the New Paradigms Committee is charged with exploring how doctoral programs across the United States and Canada can continue to deliver a high quality graduate education to a diverse student body, while responding in an agile and proactive way to the shifting professional landscapes within and beyond the academy.

The New Paradigms Committee conducts periodic surveys of the membership, it organizes career sessions, plenaries, and roundtables at the annual ASTR conference, and it circulates monthly listings of useful articles and websites. For more information about the committee’s activities, please contact:

Visit the New Paradigms in Graduate Education Committee Group Page here on the ASTR website.

American Theatre Archive Project

An initiative of the American Society for Theatre Research, the American Theatre Archive Project (ATAP) is a network of archivists, dramaturgs, and scholars dedicated to preserving the legacy of the American theatre. ATAP is guided by the work of four Committees, which help develop partnerships, facilitate communication, create guidelines, seek funding, and disseminate best practices.

Location-based Teams help individual theatre companies evaluate their records, develop an archiving plan, and secure funding to support long-term archive health. Once created and made accessible to theatre makers, scholars, patrons, and funders on premises online, and/or in a repository, a theatre's archives support institutional integrity and development.

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