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Curated Panels
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This lineup is subject to change.

Before Normativity: The Extra/Ordinary Early Modern Body and its Epistemologies of Performance

“Cripping Performance in the Early Modern English Theatre” (Katherine Schaap Williams, New York University Abu Dhabi)

“The Uncapability of Groundlings” (Ellen MacKay, University of Chicago)

“Early Modern Twerking” (Noémie N'diaye, Columbia University)

Moderator: Vin Nardizzi, University of British Columbia

Contemporary Disability Performance: From Theatre to Social Practice

“Round tables with edges: Negotiating Precarity in Neworld Theatre’s King Arthur and His Knights” (Kirsty Johnston, University of British Columbia)

“Speculative Crip Performances” (Petra Kuppers, University of Michigan)

“The Social Experiment – Pranks, Political Activism, and Performing Stigma” (Bree Hadley, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia)

“Pre-Existing Conditions" (Patrick Anderson, University of California, San Diego)

Moderator: VK Preston, University of

Doubles and Doppelgängers

“Mourning, Precarity, and the Performance of Care of Genevieve Gaignard’s ‘Missing You’” (Uri McMillan, University of California, Los Angeles)

“The Cockettes’ Radical Transformations” (Malik Gaines, New York University)

“Yet Another Dead Black Body” (Harvey Young, Northwestern University)

Moderator: Tavia Nyong’o, Yale University

Aging and its Extra/Ordinary Differences

“The Problem with Difference” (Elinor Fuchs, Yale University)

“The Last Days of Judith Malina: Re-viewing Age, Performance and Activism in the Nursing Home” (Cindy Rosenthal, Hofstra University)

“Playing Difference: Performing Cross-Generational Bodies” (Bertie Ferdman, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY)

“Performing Difference: Staging Memory/Loss in Peggy Shaw’s Ruff” (Benjamin Gillespie, The Graduate Center CUNY)

Moderator: Valerie Lipscomb, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee

Pepys’ Progeny: Marvin Carlson’s 10,000 Nights: Highlights from 50 Years of Theatre-Going

A roundtable discussion with Marvin Carlson (The Graduate Center CUNY), Jill Dolan (Princeton University), David Savran (The Graduate Center CUNY), Erin Hurley (McGill University), Jimmy A. Noriega (College of Wooster), Donatella Galella (University of California, Riverside), Rebekah Maggor (Cornell University), Elinor Fuchs (Yale University), Harvey Young (Northwestern University)

Moderator: Sara Warner (Cornell University)

The D/deaf Body on Stage: Shakespeare in American Sign Language

“‘If I Profane with my Unworthiest Hand’: Braving the Sociolinguistic Challenges of Translating Shakespearean Registers into American Sign Language (K. Crom Saunders, Columbia College, Chicago)

“Lost and Gained in Translation” (Christine Albright-Tufts, Roosevelt University)

“The Body in ASL Shakespeare: History and Theory” (Jill Bradbury, Gallaudet University)

“‘I can interpret all her martyr’d signs’: Gesture, American Sign Language, and Staging Practices” (Lindsey D. Snyder, American Shakespeare Center)

Moderator: Lezlie C. Cross, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The Queer, Resistant, Historical Bodies of Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade History of Popular Music: A Curated Conversation

“The Archival Bodies of 'A 24-Decade History of Popular Music” (Jennifer Buckley, University of Iowa)

“Taylor Mac meets Jacques Derrida's 'Unexpected Visitor'?” (Sean Edgecomb, College of Staten Island CUNY)

“"World and Time Enough: Too Slow" (Lisa A. Freeman, University of Illinois, Chicago)

"Auto-bio-histor-ography: Embodying History" (Andrew Goldberg, City University of New York)

"Queer Pussytime" (Kim Marra, University of Iowa)

"'Machinic' Bodies and Installation" (Jen Parker-Starbuck, University of Roehampton)

"The American Songbook: Taylor Mac Sings the Revolution" (David Roman, University of Southern California)

"Revision and Difference in Taylor Mac's Extraordinary 24-Decade Performances" (Dan Venning New York University)

“Spectacular Queerness” (Kalle Westerling, City University of New)

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