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Committees & Appointments
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ASTR relies upon the participation of its members in many committees that help to sustain the organization and award the prizes that support our members’ research efforts and scholarly accomplishments.

The Standing, Regular and Ad Hoc Committees are created by the Officers and Executive Committee to carry out the work of ASTR. The President appoints members to these committees as well as to the other posts listed further below, which include delegates, editors and liaisons. All terms begin and end at the business meeting in November of the designated year, unless otherwise noted.

Standing Committees

Nominating Committee

David Saltz, Chair (2018)
Elizabeth Cizmar
Nicole Hodges Persley
Katelyn Hale Wood

2018 Committee on Conferences

Chase Bringardner, Auburn University
Michelle Liu Carriger, UCLA
Christin Essin, Vanderbilt University
Diana King, UCLA
Rosemary Malague, University of Pennsylvania
Jen-Scott Mobley, East Carolina University
Noe Montez, Tufts University
Rachel Moss, Northwestern University
Kirsten Pullen, University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana
Mike Sell, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jill Stevenson, Marymount Manhattan College (chair)

2018 Conference Program Chairs

Chase Bringardner, Associate Professor of Theatre, Auburn University
Christin Essin, Associate Professor of Theatre, Vanderbilt University
Kirsten Pullen, Professor and Head, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2018 Conference Program Committee

Hala Baki, Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara
Donatella Galella, Assistant Professor of Theatre, University of California-Riverside
Patricia Herrera, Associate Professor of Theatre, University of Richmond
D.J. Hopkins, Professor, School of Theatre, Television, and Film, San Diego State University
Rosemary Malague, University of Pennsylvania
Francesca Marini, Associate Professor, Cushing Library Director, and Associate Dean for Special Collections, Texas A&M University
Rachel Moss, Northwestern University
Megan Sanborn Jones, Professor of Theatre, Brigham Young University
Aaron C. Thomas, Assistant Professor of Theatre, University of Central Florida
Jill Stevenson, Professor of Theatre, Marymount Manhattan College, ex officio
Kalle Westerling, Doctoral Candidate, The Graduate Center—CUNY

Awards Committees

Distinguished Scholar Award

Gay Cima, Chair (2018)
Susan Bennett (2019)
Sandra Richards (2020)

Barnard Hewitt Award

Bill Condee, Chair (2018)
Claudia Nascimento (2019)
Valleri Robinson (2020)
Satoka Shimazaki (2020)

Errol Hill Award

Douglas Jones, Chair (2018)
Heather Nathans (2019)
Uri McMillan (2020)

Oscar G. Brockett Essay Award

James Harding, Chair (2018)
Ryan Claycomb (2019)

Gerald Kahan Scholar's Prize

Jocelyn Buckner, Chair (2018)
Beth Osborne (2019)
Patrick McKelvey (2020)

Sally Banes and Selma Jean Cohen

Katherine Mezur, Chair (2018)
Susan Tenneriello (2018)
Jade Power Sotomayor (2019)

Cambridge University Press Prize

Sebastian Calderon Bentin, Chair (2018)
Debra Levine (2019)
Marlis Schweitzer (2019)

Research Fellowship, Targeted Research Areas Grant, and Brooks McNamara Subvention

Stephanie Etheridge Woodson, Chair (2018)
Miriam Felton-Dansky (2019)

ASTR Collaborative Research Grants

Stefka Mihaylova, Chair (2018)
Aaron Thomas (2019)

Grants for Researchers with Heavy Teaching Loads

Samer Al-Saber, Chair (2018)
Lezlie Cross (2019)

Helen Krich Chinoy Dissertation Research Fellowships

Donavan Sherman, Chair (2018)
Katherine Zien (2019)

David Keller and Thomas Marshall Travel Grants

Kimi Johnson, Chair (2018)
Takeo Rivera (2019)

ATAP (American Theatre Archive Project)

Daphne Lei (Delagate)
Kevin Brown (Liaison)

Graduate Student Caucus

Yasmine Jahanmir (President)
Sissi Liu
Rena Heinrich
Kat Lieder
Joseph D'Ambrosi

Individual Appointments

Administrator: Eric Ewald, CAE, Ewald Consulting
Archivist and Historian: Heather Nathans
Career Sessions Coordinators: Paige McGinley & Gad Guterman
Director of Awards and Fellowships: Brandi Wilkins Catanese
Theatre Survey: Nicholas Ridout (editor), Marlis Schweitzer (Associate Editor)
American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Delegate: Daphne Lei
National Humanities Alliance Delegate: Jill Stevenson
IFTR Liaison: Jean Graham-Jones
TLA's Liaison to ASTR: Wade Hollinghaus
American Alliance for Theatre Education (AATE) and International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network (ITYARN) Liaison: Mary McAvoy
Archive Committee / ATAP: Eric Colleary & Christa Williford

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